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Meet the Team!

We are a team of Cal Poly engineers and business people brought together by a common passion for creating innovative technology to improve quality of life for those in need.

Our story began with a QL+ project at Cal Poly SLO. In 2015, we began working with a military veteran to design a device capable of alleviating and preventing the freezing of gait episodes he experienced. After creating an initial prototype, we saw that there was an incredible need for such a device in the broader Parkinson's community.

Since then, we have been hard at work researching, improving our prototype, and creating relationships with Parkinson's organizations locally and around the country.

Headshot of Sidney

Sidney Collin

Founder & CEO

Headshot of Adam

Adam Schwartz

Co-Founder - Finance & Business Development

Headshot of William

William Thompson

Co-Founder - Operations & Legal