About Us

At De Oro Devices, we build mobility solutions that empower those in need. The Nexstride began as a QL+ project at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. Challenged to create a tool that would alleviate and prevent freezing of gait in a local veteran, our simple prototype gave him much needed relief. We soon realized the global potential for our product.

Our team has spent countless hours researching and refining the Nexstride so that it is intuitive to use and blends seamlessly into daily life, ensuring optimal impact with minimal intrusion. 

Today the Nexstride has helped numerous individuals take back their freedom and their confidence—and we’re just getting started. A single step can be vital and we’re honored to help you take it.

Meet the Team

Headshot of Sidney

Sidney Collin

Co-Founder - CEO

Headshot of Adam

Adam Schwartz

Co-Founder - Finance & Business Development

Headshot of William

William Thompson

Co-Founder - Operations & Legal

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