The Science Behind
the NexStride

We use scientifically proven cues to keep you moving forward

  • Freezing of gait is a leading cause of falls for those with Parkinson's Disease
  • Research shows that sensory cues can be used to overcome freezing of gait
  • We combined the most effective, scientifically-proven cues into a simple, portable device to help you overcome freezing of gait anywhere

Freezing of gait occurs due to a damaged neural pathway that causes a disconnect between the brain and the body.

This disconnect inhibits one from walking.

Sensory cues, such as visual and audio cues, can be used to reestablish the connection between the brain and the body and allow the user to walk smoothly again.

De Oro Product Final-1 cropped


Uses research-backed visual & audio cues


Attaches to canes, walkers, & walking poles

Easy to Use

Conveniently located controls that are easy to activate whenever you need them

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